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Jul. 2nd, 2007 | 06:32 pm
location: Home
mood: stressed stressed
music: The Smashing Pumpkins

Well here we go rhi has a blog... erm whoo anyone?
I did have one of these a long time ago but it fizzled out and came to nothing really. Guessing I could kinda do with the outlet though, a bit stressed at the moment, the would be in-laws aren't exactly easy to live with, and now that Nicks daring to go on holiday with me for a couple of weeks (to meet my family) well they've gotten alot worse. 
Today was passable though spent most of it in bed then tidying up. Mostly sorting out things for the impending holdiay. That should be good, going camping up in Port Ban with my family and Nick for  a week then bumming about glasgow for another week. FUN FUN!

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